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“I’m grateful to have played 1082 NHL games and know that would not have been possible without Dr. Green by my side. Dr. Green always found the solutions needed to keep me in the game and playing at the level I was accustomed to.”

“Dr. Green has not only helped me fine tune my body in a sense of preparation, recovery, and injury prevention & correction, he has also helped my strategic approach to all of the above.”

“Dr Green is the single biggest reason why I’ve been able to continue playing hockey. Whether it’s been his own knowledge and expertise or his will to find the best in the field amongst Doctors, rehab specialists etc. Since meeting Aubrey I knew I was always coming back. He puts everything he has into his work and I’m proud to call him my friend.”

“Throughout my career, Dr. Green was paramount in my injury recovery but more importantly, a pinnacle force in preventing future injuries and optimizing my performance. He was a wizard in identifying the problems and building the necessary solutions to keep me in the game because he understands the complex physiology and psychology of athletes.”

“I was coming off my second back surgery and knew I needed to find solutions. My surgeon in New York referred me to Dr. Green, who identified that a previous injury to my ankle years earlier needed to be corrected. He put forth a plan and a team to solve all my issues. It helped me tremendously; I’m back to feeling strong and confident.”