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“I have been working out and playing sports for over 25 years and have accumulated a variety of nagging injuries. Since using the Chi Mat I have noticed a decrease in stiffness and pain and a big increase in my mobility and performance at the gym. I think it’s a terrific product, well worth the investment!!”

“It’s great for the whole family. I use it, my husband uses it, and so do my 2 boys. Simply stated, it works!”

“After only 5 sessions of laying on the Chi-Mat (20 minutes/ day) my back pain was gone. I also stand on it daily, as it has greatly relieved my plantar fasciitis (foot) pain. I’m really happy my son-in-law got me the Chi-Mat!”

“Travelling the world and playing professional hockey takes a toll on your body. Having the Chi-Mat in the latter part of my career and beyond has made a huge difference in my health and wellbeing.”